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MGA Cup Scoring



The MGA Cup tournament is our version of the Fedex Cup. It is generally held in March as the culmination of our prior year tournaments. It includes a steak or prime rib dinner on the day of the tournament, two pre-tournament parties to draft and select teams, a shirt and hat, food, and beverages at the parties, and prize money. It’s an all-expense paid tournament.

How to qualify

At the end of the season the thirty-four members with the highest point totals for the year will be eligible to play in the MGA Cup. Points are awarded for each tournament a member plays in during the previous year, and additional points are awarded for those who place or win one of the on-course competitions (longest drives and closest to pin). The thirty-four players will play along with two club pros divided into two teams.  The pros will be team captains and draft players for their team, who will then compete in a Ryder Cup style tournament in twenty-seven holes of nine holes best ball, nine holes alternate shot, and nine holes match play. Members who play in all MGA tournaments will automatically qualify for the Cup regardless of their point total. 

Points awarded as follows:

100 participation points for each tournament played.

Place points awarded to approximately one-third of each flight, in which points will depend on number of participants in the flight; the place points will be equivalent to the pay out money for each flight.

For example, if a player places first in his flight and wins $75 in prize money, he will receive 100 participation points plus 75 points for coming in first in his flight, for total of 175 points.

Points for placing in a major tournament will be double. For example, if a player wins $50 in prize money, he would get 100 participation points plus 100 points for placing ($50 times 2).

Placing in a tournament

The Gold tees flight (or first flight) will be awarded points for 1st and 2nd gross, and 1st and 2nd net.

All other flights will be awarded points based on net scores only.


Points are not awarded for Club Corp tournaments (Club Championship, Member/Guest, MGA Cup, or Mars vs. Venus). Only participation points will be awarded for Patriotic event, no points for placing.